The Jesus Revolution


New Series Begins 22 November 2015


When Jesus stepped into the world he began something revolutionary. The movement he started was so powerful that it transformed the way his followers viewed themselves and treated others around them. It was a revolution that changed the ancient world.


Unfortunately, over the course of time, the church has often become sidetracked, pursuing ideas and practices that have held us back. As a result, the church has met resistance to it’s message and even to it’s presence. Sometimes we are left asking ourselves the question,

“How could a movement that is so irresistible meet with such resistance?”.


The truth of the matter is,  that most of the things that people resist about the church are the things that the church itself should resist.  Discover with us, the things that can hold us back and how we can be a part of a Jesus Revolution in our lives, our community and our world.



14th December

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20 December
10:00 am

At the HUB
2107 - 13th Street

*Christmas Carols
*Special Kids Performance